Monday, 25 February 2013

Blue Valentine (2010)

Blue Valentine is a tragically authentic love story told in two parts. The two focus points are on how Dean (Ryan Gosling) and Cyndi (Michelle Williams) meet and fall in love and overcome problems and get married and have a happy ending... and then how a number of years later they are starting to think that maybe it was not meant to be, but they're so emotionally invested in each other and their young daughter that the turbulent seas of emotion just cannot be avoided.

Beautifully crafted by not only the director (Derek Cianfrance) but by the two leads, Blue Valentine isn't a film that will necessarily be enjoyed, especially with the way the sweetest moments come exactly alongside the most bitter, but it is something to behold. Gosling and Williams, with their improvised dialogue and genuine chemistry (both good and bad) touch on a very authentic tone that bleeds emotion out of the story that continues long after most cinematic romances end.

It might not leave you feeling as happy as a rom-com, but a film like Blue Valentine is so much more real, and with that comes a heartfelt tenderness of raw and real emotion that a plastic, gift wrapped comedy can never provide. Where happy-go-lucky films will give you a fake sadness just to contrast with the similarly plastic, manufactured highs Blue Valentine will dig you into a hole and snap the shovel in two before reminding you how good things were in the past before you ruined it all.

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