Sunday, 27 January 2013

Life of Pi (2012)

The movie of the book deemed "unfilmable" by many. Life of Pi tells the story of a young man, Pi, who becomes lost at sea after a shipwreck involving a shipment of zoo animals. His only companion, a ferocious Bengal tiger. It's a story about determination and finding both yourself and God.

In one sense it's a film that deals a lot with religion, but in a nuanced and sweeping touch. It's not about Christianity, or Islam or Hinduism. It's about a man's personal connection with his own version of a higher power. Pi and his less than friendly companion go through a lot and without each other or a connection to something bigger, they would most likely not come through it as one.

Life of Pi is very much a film you feel as well as watch, so it's hard to describe in exact terms. Even if you don't buy into the message of the film though, it is objective to say that the film is visually breathtaking. It's remarkable what director Ang Lee can manage to do with a small boat, a vast ocean and a smattering of wildlife. It takes him literally only those three things and he creates the most beautiful looking film I've seen probably since Enter the Void. Some of the shots of what pi encounters at night, and the shots of the sinking ship, will most definitely stick with me for a long time.


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