Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Moon (2009)

Moon is a fantastic sci-fi film, and an amazing triumph as a debut for director Duncan Jones.

That said, it doesn't exactly explore anything new in the "trapped in space" genre of sci-fi that we haven't seen before. But that's okay, we don't go out to a new club every time we go out or watch a new channel every time we flick on the television. The ideas that Moon does look at, without giving too much away, centre around the ethics of using science and trickery on real people for profit, along with the idea of isolation and dealing with being trapped with just yourself, the good and the bad.

Again without giving too much away, Sam Rockwell gives a fantastic performance with a great range. The different sides you see to his character (also called Sam) create a real three dimensional character with a lot of depth and relatability, even if he does come across as slightly shattered in terms of his personality. Similarly, Kevin Spacey adds a lot to the picture, voicing the AI assistant GERTY, the only other "person" on the moon base. GERTY is an interesting character in that there are a lot of science fiction cliches set up for the character to fall into, which are later subverted to quite a likable result. It's refreshing to see a sci-fi film where an AI isn't the harbinger of judgement day for all of mankind.

I was also pleased to see Kaya Scodelario make an appearence in the film. Her part is very small (although definitely not inconsequential) and her performance isn't exactly Oscar worthy, but it's good to see someone from a successful TV series (Skins) make a dignified choice in what they participate in rather than just jump on every project that comes along.

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